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How much sleep should they be getting?

At some stage, as parents we wonder whether our kids get enough of, or too much of sleep.  Sleeping is so important for growing, development and keeps kids moods regulated.  And for us parents gives us a chance to recover, rest or get other bits and pieces done.

There is no standard or normal when it comes to babies and children.  They are all unique and some more energetic than others, so its best that you play it by ear and work with them to create a  natural routine.

Etienne (2) is a morning person, he’s up at 7am, naps approx 1.5 hours during the day and is usually down by 930pm.  Chance (3), however, is a bit of a night owl.  We are in school holidays at the moment so he is up at 1030ish, sometimes doesn’t nap and goes down at 11pm on average — when we are unlucky he stays up till 2am…  On school term though, this all changes.

Anyway, for those of you who are wondering how much their kids should be sleeping, check out this guide I found below.  And remember that they will usually sleep more during growth spurts, after new experiences and when they are unwell.


sleep chart


Sleepy Routines

bubba nb

I have read a lot about sleep routines for bubbas and this golden “7 to 7” rule which has had parents literally running out the door and cutting their plans show to put the baby to sleep at 7pm or on the other hand, not leaving their houses because the baby is sleeping, just fell asleep or is needing a sleep.  Come on Guys! Your baby should not ever have you  “by the balls” like that.  Dont get me wrong I’ve seen some amazingly behaved babies on the 7 to 7 routine and if it works with your schedule then great. But if you find yourself not living your life  because your life has become about baby and baby only then we are in trouble.  Make it work with your daily routine.  So that 7 to 7 routine has baby sleeping at 7pm till 6am ( with an optional dream feed in the middle of the night)…Um who the fuck likes to get up at 6am?? Not this muso.  Especially not after a gig night that finished at 1am and got you home at 2am.  So I made a few adjustments to make his routing work with mine, and now my baby doesnt go down to sleep until after 10.  That’s right – 10pm!! oooh that’s terrible parenting right??…Why?  Who the hell decided that the day must start at 6 and work must begin at 9, and bedtimes had to be early?  It doesnt matter when he sleeps, it only matters how much sleep he is getting.  Its bad enough being exhausted new parents without having the ability to sleep in…So yeah, 10pm or later means Chance is up at 830am for a bottle and straight back down again till 10am!! 10 Fucking AM!!! Bliss 🙂  And as for sleeping during the day, this happens whenever he wants to.  When a baby really wants to sleep, he will. Anywhere; in a pram; on the couch; on a bus; on the floor; with hiccups; even standing up dancing the YMCA (true story).  So get him used to sleeping in  all environments now. Even noisy ones, Don’t ever say “Shhh the baby is sleeping”.  My baby slept through the Melbourne Cup race at one of my gigs this year – House music and all! You know why? Because it is normal for us.  Its our lives and now his life too.  And they will learn not the be a Divas, if you teach them from the beginning. Roxy Xx