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MILF : Mama Is Looking Fiine!!


yonceand bub

You know they say that having a baby is quite expensive, as all of a sudden you have all these ‘extras’ to buy.  And with a whole bunch of money going out the window (not to mention time), we tend to cut down to the basic necessities.   But how far is too far cut??  


Let’s put it into the context of grooming.  I’m a performer and that means I get up on stage and am regularly in the lime light, And therefore, am expected to uphold a certain “appearance”. Sooo… I use to wax, laser, pluck, tweezer, polish, buff, extend, colour, conceal, bronze, line, trim, shave, in-fill, curl, straighten, cut, file, paint and peel (obviously at different times an on various parts of my body.)  I spent a lot of money doing so.  Boy is “lady grooming” expensive.  Women spend an easy $400 cutting, colouring, treating, extending and styling their hair.  A set of eyelash extensions can set you back $150 and mani/pedi’s average $60 these days.  Laser hair removal all the way up to $300 a go…and the list goes on…


Back then it was important. Important and necessary.  But now,  I’m surrounded by new mums who haven’t taken a razor to their legs in months, while I embrace the “Jungle Bitch” in me, as I wake up each morning with hair looking like something from The Lion King Musical.  Oh how the times have changed!  The 4 hour long spa treatments are but a memory,  the “day heels” replaced by trainers and the “re-gross” – I’m almost ashamed of.  Thank god for the balayage hair trend.  


I’m not a complete feral though.  I cleanse, tone and moisturise and my make up kit consists of Mineral powder, Eyeliner and Lipstick and the occasional false eyelashes.  And I even try to fit in a hair cut every couple of months.


So we pop a baby and all of a sudden, things become less important, and I think our perception of beauty changes.  I used to want to be a skinny (maybe even gaunt), smaller boobed, longer legged, Sex and the City high-heeled wearing fashionista.  And now when I see that I feel like I have to “hand that bitch a sandwich”.


In my head, strong is the new skinny, fit is the new healthy and toned is the new sexy.  I want to be able to run around the park with my kid for 4 hours straight without getting tired.  I want to pick up that pram over my head with one toned arm, and no effort.  I want the body of a hip hop dancer and the sun kissed skin of a coconut princess.


And what does he want?  Well fortunately for me, My baby “Daddy” wants the same thing for me.  I cringe about my stretch marks and he recognises them as my “battle scars” and the first home of our baby.  I don’t brush my hair in a week and he develops some kind of Jungle fever.  I wear high heels during the day and he laughs at my silliness.


Daddy has seen me give birth. Daddy saw me struggle for 12 hours, contractions, a csection, not being able to walk, emotional rollercoasters, and physical pain beyond his understanding.  And survive.  And THAT is hella sexy to him.  But he is, after all, a man.  And men are visual creatures who appreciate beauty in many ways.  So before you throw away that hair brush and stroll on down to kmart for a tracksuit pant shopping spree, consider this — he already thinks your sexy on the inside.  So why not give him a bonus and be the sexy MILF that knocks off his socks.  He does deserve it after sharing in all the nappy changes and sleepless nights and being by your side when you need him.  And along the way you will start feeling better about yourself. And the “sexy time” moments that some new mothers have complained about not having, will happen more often.  


Encouraging a healthy and fit lifestyle and embracing the right kind of beauty is a great way and to set a great example for our mini mes.  And all the extra money saved from less “lady grooming” can be spent on getting active, and family or just knowing that you can have a day off without stressing about the bills.

In conclusion, start your sexy from the inside out, shake those child-bearing hips and rock those new Nikes and don’t be afraid to be that confident mama who knows that happy is the new “Fiine”.