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Yeah, I made that


Do you ever look at your kids and think “I can’t believe I made that”?  I think that to myself almost every day.  My question to other mums & dads is : Does that feeling/thought ever go away??


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Oh Sh#t! : Potty Training Days

There are so many opinions circulating when it comes to potty training your kids.  My mum told me that I was out of nappies at 9 months! 9 Fucking months!.  At 9 months, I was just happy to have kept my baby alive and well fed (lets just say I wasn’t too good at looking after my plants).  So I put my son Chance on the potty for the first time at 8 months old.  A picture says a thousand words:

chance potty

Yep, that right there is a mortified ‘What the fuck is happening?” face on my baby.  They say potty training at a young age is more like training adults to look out for when your kid needs to go, rather than you training them to go to the potty.  I’m sure there are a lot of parents (including mine) that are successful getting their kids out of nappies that young, however I wasn’t going to sit there all anxious and wait for a wee (which can happen every 15 mins in a baby) or a poo to arrive so I can catch it.  I really do want more out of my life.

So after a few tries, I hung the potty up.  I read somewhere that waiting for your child to be able to communicate with you can be more of an effective way to potty train.  And also waiting for him to show signs of wanting to potty train would be a good idea.  That sign might be baby doing a shit and then taking his nappy off himself and throwing it on the ground. Every. Time. (So much fun for mum and dad!!).

So I actually ditched the potty altogether.  My cousin said to just put him straight on the toilet (getting a smaller training seat to put on the toilet so he doesn’t fall in helps too).  At 2 years old I put him on the toilet as much as possible. He wasn’t afraid of sitting on the toilet and it made clean up really easy.  Nappies were out and Nappy pants were in.  These are the 3 brands, that I recommend:

Problem is my son was late to talk and so he was unable to let us know when he needed to go so we were still watching for the poo faces (which is like sweaty fear & shame expressions).  Regardless, we had a good go at 2 years old where most of the time we took him for a wee he went, and poos, maybe 50%. We celebrated wee wee and poos with stickers and stamps. YES PEOPLE YOU MUST CELEBRATE/REWARD THAT WEE/POO IN THE TOILET.  This makes your child want to go there again.

It’s may now and Chance is 3.  He started at pre-primary and I’m really happy to say that he’s in his final stages of potty training.  It was so much easier with the support of his school.  He went to school with undies on (no nappy) and pretty much shit his pants everyday for a whole week.  Poor teachers.  But he was wee-ing consistently in the potty or toilet when we took him there.  The one day, he just got up and did a wee in the potty on his own.  This has been one of the highlights of motherhood so far!.  Afterward, he came to me and said “wee wee in the potty”.  Yes he did!  VICTORY!!  And since then he’s been good with the wees.

The poos were a little more difficult.  It was like he didn’t really know when he wanted to go until he had already started, and then he would hide or say ‘poo’ with full undies – SO NASTY… But I messed up a little.  And so I will tell you guys so you might learn from my mistakes.  I got really stroppy with him a few times when he had a poo accident.  “Why did you poo in your undies? I told you to poo in the toilet. NO MORE POOS IN YOUR UNDIES” I would snap.  And then one day with tears in his eyes, he said to me “I’m sorry”.  My 3 year old child was sorry that he let me down.  I felt like the worst mum in the world.  So now when those accidents happen I try not to show my frustration.  I get down to his level and say ‘it’s ok’, clean him up and point out how poos are yucky and need to go in the toilet.  I repeat ‘poos are for the toilet, not for your undies’ calmly. And when he goes to the toilet he still gets lots of praise from all of us adults at home.

And there it is peeps.  It’s not rocket science to potty train your kid. Consistency is everything.  My hot tips are:

  • Wait till he starts to show signs of not wanting to be in nappies.
  • Wait till he can communicate with you (even one or 2 word sentences).
  • Start using the words poo and wee, so that he knows what they are.
  • To begin with, put him on the toilet or potty when you take of his nappy before a shower.
  • Praise the fuck out of him when he actually goes (stickers, lollies, celebration dance).
  • Don’t lose your cool at accidents.
  • Invest in nappy-pants.
  • Get a small toilet seat to put over your toilet.
  • Let him spend time at home (all day) with undies and only wear nappies when going out.
  • Keep the potty & toilet accessible (within eyesight if possible).
  • With boys and wees, let dad show him how it’s done.
  • Buy undies that he actually likes (all of chances have his fave characters – batman, angry birds, pokemon).
  • And have faith, that it will get better.


Chance is out of nappies now, except for when he goes to bed.  Even with nappy pants on, he gets up to go to the toilet.  I’m so proud of his progress and I can’t wait till we can axe the nappies altogether.

If anyone else has any potty training tips to add, please comment below.  I would love to hear your experiences.

Good luck with it!



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Attack of the School Germs


Let’s be honest.  Kids are grotty. Their hands have touched and poked random crap out of curiosity, they sweat buckets from playing, the are professional nose pickers (he literally handed me a booger yesterday), and most have yet to grasp the idea of covering their mouths when sneezing or coughing.

My 3 year old started school 2 weeks ago.  In 2 weeks I’ve kept him home 3 days, 2 separate infections, the first, fever and sore throat, and the second, a cold/cough… Both times he’s almost lost his voice..  Apparently I’m getting off easy… I haven’t experienced ‘Attack of the school gastro’ yet. (And I’m heavily crossing my fingers).

I started to think that maybe schools and other kid areas are dirty and gross and aren’t well kept.  I send my child to a private and brand new (newly built in December last year) school with a small amount of students.  There are only 10 kids in his class and still he has picked up the germies.  He also got sick in the small time frame I sent him to childcare in Sydney. Surely they (all schools etc) cant be germ infested holes.

I’ve been reading up this stuff and have come to the conclusion that:

Kids are just gross (including mine) and germy

They soak up infection and bacteria like sponges

They have low immunity if they don’t mingle with the rest of the world.

So what to do?

Apparently, not much. I can boost my kid’s immune system by feeding him veggies or if he doesn’t like a variety of them, get him on some chewy kid vitamins.  I can teach him to regularly wash his hands (which is no problem, Chance doesn’t like his hands dirty anyway).  I can show him to cover up when sneezing & coughing and I can shower and clean him regularly (at least once a day).

Also I’ve heard the more he interacts with other kids and gets sick, the better immunity he will have to infection later on.

So let your kid be social, don’t stress too much if they eat a bit of dirt and roll through those minor infections, it is said to be good for them.

And for Fs sake, if your kid has a contagious something, please don’t send them to school to infect mine…The attack of the school germs is not fun!

I’ve added a guide below

Lastly, if anyone has any tips on how we can battle through this please comment below. I would love to know how you have coped with the germ factor.







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Back on track




I started this blog awhile ago in hopes of sharing some of my thoughts and opinions on being a new mum and creative parent.  The truth is I’ve been so busy being a mum and a creative the time got away from me and the posts… well I just looked at the last on and gosh…3 years ago!!

Ok so. I’m sorry for going MIA and I’m really happy to say that I’m back on track with it all.  So how have you been going?

Chance is 3 now and has a baby brother Etienne who is 2 years old (yes David and I have been busy)  And we’ve made a pretty big change.  We’ve taken our family out of Sydney and moved to the tiny and beautiful island of Mauritius to spend more time with them and pursuing our creative passions.  You see, Sydney became all about working to survive and things got tough for us.  I realised that my inspiration was suffering and that to keep us afloat I would have to work full time and miss out on time raising my boys.

The hardest decision of my life was to leave my home and friends and family in sydney for the islands.  We’ve been here 8 months now and although sometimes I miss the big city and my friends (mostly my friends), I feel as though we made the right decisions.

So here we are now, a completely different environment and a completely new life.  I spend my time here gigging, writing music, online (skype) teaching and managine artists.  And recently I’m back on the blogging. The Boys are doing great.  They love the sun and the sea and get lots of attention here.

In another post I will formally introduce my son Etienne because, well let’s just say he needs a full blog for his special self.  We’ve been through so many challengers and wins over the last few years and I can’t wait to share some experiences with you.  I’m trying to work out where to start actually, so I will ask the question to the readers out there:  What would you like to know?

Leave me a comment 🙂

Here we are (]left to right) Chance, Etienne, My tribe and our new island home.


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Daddy Day Care: HOMEWORK AIN’T JUST 4 DA KIDS by Lachlan Fyne

IMG_2609   I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know until I started helping my older kids with their homework. And they’re still in primary school – Years 2 & 4! Sometimes I wonder if homework is a shared punishment for the whole family because we’re forever helping with questions or overseeing the quality of work before it goes back to the teacher. And we need to. When you get snarky notes from the school bemoaning your ability to fill in what books your child has read during the week it’s like being transported back to your childhood all over again: “Sorry sir (or, more often, m’am) I’ll try harder next time.” I’m scared there will be a day very soon – too soon – where I’m not going to be of any use to my kids at homework time unless I start going to night school, learning online or have a brain transplant. At the moment I can help them appreciate that if Kaiyan has eight more quinoa seeds than Talullah and they have 52 seeds between them, we can determine how many seeds they each have by subtracting eight from the overall tally and then halving that figure, a snazzy formula that reveals Tallulah has 22 seeds and Kaiyan 30. What happens when they’re doing quadratic equations? I’m only familiar with the last three letters in algebra and if x is an unknown it’s definitely going to stay that way! But rather than run for the hills I’ve decided to embrace the kids’ homework as a personal learning opportunity, a refresher course to keep my mind engaged and push some of the inane pop culture knowledge I have to a dormant part of the brain. Seriously, why would I know the name of Christina Aguilera’s fiance but have to quietly look up what a preposition is to be 100% sure I’m not making shit up!? Sure, we can sidestep our offsprings’ difficult questions with “what do you think?” or “ask your Uncle Google” but I’m sure that’s a disservice to us as much as our kids. I want to know stuff. I love being involved in all aspects of my kids’ lives. There’s an old adage “You’re Never Too Old To Learn” and, pushing 50 years of age, I’m only now starting to appreciate how true that is. I’m still dreading secondary school though… LachlanFyne-5 Lachlan Fyne is a Sydney-based author & father of 3 young boys who wants to sing backing vocals on Roxy’s albums. His first novel Nowhere Atoll is available in all good online bookstores.

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MILF : Mama Is Looking Fiine!!


yonceand bub

You know they say that having a baby is quite expensive, as all of a sudden you have all these ‘extras’ to buy.  And with a whole bunch of money going out the window (not to mention time), we tend to cut down to the basic necessities.   But how far is too far cut??  


Let’s put it into the context of grooming.  I’m a performer and that means I get up on stage and am regularly in the lime light, And therefore, am expected to uphold a certain “appearance”. Sooo… I use to wax, laser, pluck, tweezer, polish, buff, extend, colour, conceal, bronze, line, trim, shave, in-fill, curl, straighten, cut, file, paint and peel (obviously at different times an on various parts of my body.)  I spent a lot of money doing so.  Boy is “lady grooming” expensive.  Women spend an easy $400 cutting, colouring, treating, extending and styling their hair.  A set of eyelash extensions can set you back $150 and mani/pedi’s average $60 these days.  Laser hair removal all the way up to $300 a go…and the list goes on…


Back then it was important. Important and necessary.  But now,  I’m surrounded by new mums who haven’t taken a razor to their legs in months, while I embrace the “Jungle Bitch” in me, as I wake up each morning with hair looking like something from The Lion King Musical.  Oh how the times have changed!  The 4 hour long spa treatments are but a memory,  the “day heels” replaced by trainers and the “re-gross” – I’m almost ashamed of.  Thank god for the balayage hair trend.  


I’m not a complete feral though.  I cleanse, tone and moisturise and my make up kit consists of Mineral powder, Eyeliner and Lipstick and the occasional false eyelashes.  And I even try to fit in a hair cut every couple of months.


So we pop a baby and all of a sudden, things become less important, and I think our perception of beauty changes.  I used to want to be a skinny (maybe even gaunt), smaller boobed, longer legged, Sex and the City high-heeled wearing fashionista.  And now when I see that I feel like I have to “hand that bitch a sandwich”.


In my head, strong is the new skinny, fit is the new healthy and toned is the new sexy.  I want to be able to run around the park with my kid for 4 hours straight without getting tired.  I want to pick up that pram over my head with one toned arm, and no effort.  I want the body of a hip hop dancer and the sun kissed skin of a coconut princess.


And what does he want?  Well fortunately for me, My baby “Daddy” wants the same thing for me.  I cringe about my stretch marks and he recognises them as my “battle scars” and the first home of our baby.  I don’t brush my hair in a week and he develops some kind of Jungle fever.  I wear high heels during the day and he laughs at my silliness.


Daddy has seen me give birth. Daddy saw me struggle for 12 hours, contractions, a csection, not being able to walk, emotional rollercoasters, and physical pain beyond his understanding.  And survive.  And THAT is hella sexy to him.  But he is, after all, a man.  And men are visual creatures who appreciate beauty in many ways.  So before you throw away that hair brush and stroll on down to kmart for a tracksuit pant shopping spree, consider this — he already thinks your sexy on the inside.  So why not give him a bonus and be the sexy MILF that knocks off his socks.  He does deserve it after sharing in all the nappy changes and sleepless nights and being by your side when you need him.  And along the way you will start feeling better about yourself. And the “sexy time” moments that some new mothers have complained about not having, will happen more often.  


Encouraging a healthy and fit lifestyle and embracing the right kind of beauty is a great way and to set a great example for our mini mes.  And all the extra money saved from less “lady grooming” can be spent on getting active, and family or just knowing that you can have a day off without stressing about the bills.

In conclusion, start your sexy from the inside out, shake those child-bearing hips and rock those new Nikes and don’t be afraid to be that confident mama who knows that happy is the new “Fiine”.

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Stranger Danger



So Chance turned 10 months old a couple days ago and i’ve noticed that for a few weeks now, he has developed “Stranger Anxiety”. This means that our usually smiley and social baby becomes a scared “sad sack” around people he doesn’t know or doesn’t see often. Sometimes even if someone he doesn’t know is in the same room with him,he all of a sudden wants mummy or daddy or uncle or grandma to hold and “protect” him. I wanted to understand why this happened so I started to watch his interactions with others and in doing so developed a set of rules that apply when interacting with my baby (and maybe yours…):

1. Calm the Fuck Down!!
If you come in and are talking like you’re cheering at the footy – Bubba will not like you. Babies are sensitive to noise and sounds and most get scared at loud abrupt noises. Chance used to get scared every time we sneezed so we started laughing it off after each sneeze to show him that it was ok. Now he sneezes then bursts into laughter every time! Um yeah so – please use your “inside voice”.

2. Back the Fuck Up!!
If you came into my house and got into my face and carried on some goo goo mumbo jumbo whilst pinching my cheeks and telling me how cute you thought I was, I would punch you. Most people would. Dont do it to my baby. He only likes mummy and daddy to get in his face so he can munch on our chins and noses, eyebrows etc… The personal space rule applies to babies also.

3. This Ain’t No Disco
If you smell like a pub or an astray then you’d best be keeping your distance. Babies have a great sense of smell and mine tends to take offence to the smell of beer and cigarettes. Plus I don’t condone the presence of alcohol and cigarettes around any child. Clean it up or clear out.

4. Be Cool
Ok this one is made up of a few sub-points:
I really feel that babies pick up on peoples’ vibes a lot. Since Chance was born we have tried to keep a stress free and happy environment around him, and so when something’s off – he gets it. That means that if you are anxious and uncomfortable with holding him, he will be too. And if you have ‘decided’ that he doesn’t like you or ‘babies’ don’t like you, he probably won’t. Also if you are desperate for his attention and going out of your way extravagantly to make him like you, he won’t . Nobody likes try-hards. If you’re a man, then talk like a man. Don’t speak a couple of octaves higher or in a squeaky voice just cause you are talking to him. Its weird. And Scary. And very un-sexy. If you’re one of those ‘I hate kids but I’ll pretend to like this one’ kinda person, Bubba will see right through you. Always.


5. Remember who my parents are.
This applies to most singers I know who are parents. If you are going to sing to a child who has singers/musicians as parents, You’d better bring it — In Key. There have been a number of times Chance has burst out into tears because his ears are ‘bleeding’ from bad singing or music. So if you don’t cut it on the singing front then don’t bother. There are other ways to entertain him.

Kids have their own personalities and oddities and at a very young age, are unable to communicate what they feel and think about people and situations, with the exception of crying. They are usually going on a vibe and maybe when they are older they will be able to tell you what they didn’t like about a certain stranger. But until then, try not to force them into situations that they are uncomfortable with.

‘Stranger Anxiety’ is a milestone in their normal development and it means they are learning the skills to trust and to bond with selective people around them. I would be more worried if they were just happy to be carried away by any old person. It shows that they recognise the people who care for them and are consistently around, and hold these individuals with a higher regard. It is not so dramatic down the line so the best thing to do is to roll with it for a few months. If you are really worried about bad reactions to certain ‘distant’ relatives and friends then keep showing them photos of these people so that there is familiarity when they are round.

Be happy and honoured that your baby likes you more than everyone else. You deserve that. Cause you made him – And therefore in his eyes, you are awesome.

Stay Creative

Roxy Xx

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Pram Pick : Valco Baby Snap 3



As a new mum, I have learnt very quickly that if you don’t pick the right pram/stroller for your baby, you will always looking over the horizons for something more.  Its only been 10 month’s since Chance was born and we have already been through 5 prams/strollers.  But after a lot of trial and error, and taking into account pricing.  We have hit the spot with a Valco Baby Snap 3 Wheeler.


It really came down to these points:


1. Durability and Long Lasting

Let’s face it if you are always moving and shaking and busy (like we are) then you will use a pram EVERYDAY, whether it be in a shopping mall, at the park, at somebody’s house or out on the footpath.  If you pay good money for a pram you want it to last as long as possible and if you have an active baby (or a monster baby) you will want something that will out live, chewing and drool and pulling and kicking and scratching.  There are different types of prams some only appropriate for newborns (which i think are a waste of money) as they grow up so fast.  You want a pram that will convert for a newborn to up to 20 kgs (4 years old).  You also want it to have a good set of wheels on it to be able to go on all types of floor, waterproof and easy to clean.


2. Comfort

If baby is not comfortable, YOU WILL KNOW ABOUT IT.

Make sure you have a seat big enough to grow into, fully reclinable (even we dont like sleeping sitting up), a generous canopy to shelter from light/wind, soft cushioning on the seat AND straps and wheels that absorb a bit of shock.  This means that baby can get comfy in all sorts of positions and will sleep well and want to stay in there longer.  Chance likes the bumper bar across the front too (which is removable in our Valco Snap) so he can hold on to it or sometimes even put his feet up!!


3. Compact

If its heavy, its a no go. If its too chunky you are going to hate maneuvering it around tight corners and narrow shopping aisles and if it doesn’t fit in your car – forget about it.  3 Wheelers are great for getting around corners and the Valco folds into a tight little bundle to fit in our tiny Kia Rio hatch boot. And leaves room from shopping bags — That is a BIG Plus. Oh by the way — if you can’t easily open and close the pram then there is no point in buying it.  I have laughed at many mums trying to wrestle to get their pram open and closed.  The Valco can be “Snapped” open using one hand, and closes just as easily.  And the 6kg weight means you’re not breaking your back moving it around.


4.  Affordable

I’ve heard of some prams costing up to $3000 — seriously who the hell spends that much on a pram?? Now they even sell you prams in pieces — Canopy $99, Wheels $150 — Are you fucking kidding me? its not like you can go umm i’ll skip the wheels….anyways expect to spend a few hundred on a good pram that is going to last you a good while.  The Valco cost just over $200 on sale at Pram Warehouse.  And shop around for a good deal.  And don’t get sucked in to the hype of designer brand etc… stick to something that suits your budget and that will do the job right.


I highly recommend the Valco Snap 3.  I wish I had found it first round – I would’ve saved myself circa $400 in the pram department.  The best thing you can do to find the right pram for you is to ask other mothers – Some will swear by certain brands and trash others.  They are a much more reliable source of advice than a retail salesperson who has no kids and no idea…Just saying


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Grandma’s Corner : Pregnant and hungry

preg and hungry


Mother of 4 (all 30+) and grandmother of 8, I thought I would write about some of the differences between my generation and the new generation concepts around pregnancy and parenting.

I have decided, in my first blog I would like to comment on the new theory of what you can eat whilst  pregnant — at least a new theory for me. The ‘foods to avoid while pregnant’ issue, is a very curious idea to me and I was wondering if it was to anybody else as well.

Back in the day we ate whatever we wanted and how much we wanted whilst expecting.

The following was found on the (Kidspot website:


I think the following should apply even if you are not pregnant.

Avoid changing the cat litter and any foods or drinks that contain raw egg. When gardening, ensure you wear gloves to protect yourself from coming into contact with cat pooh.

I am not so clear on why we are not able to eat the following foods. Shouldn’t we eat most foods that we normally eat so our children can already be prepared for the world that they are being born into?

All types of sprouts, such as alfalfa sprouts, broccoli sprouts, onion sprouts, sunflower sprouts, radish sprouts, snowpea sprouts, mungbeans and soybeans (raw or cooked) are also best avoided.

Other foods to avoid include:

I would suggestthat if the following foods are harmful for babies, then why do we eat them ourselves.


  • Cold, smoked and raw seafood, especially oysters
  • Pre-cooked diced chicken, the type you buy at delicatessens and sandwich shops
  • PateHam and other manufactured meats
  • Self-service salad bars or packages salads, such as coleslaw and pasta salad
  • Soft cheese, such as brie, camembert, fetta, cottage and ricotta
  • Soft-serve ice-cream and thick-shakes


Personally I would not eat liver any way but if it goes through our body first would this not prepare the child for life after birth? Why is it harmful to a developing baby?


  • Liver. Although liver is a rich source of iron, it also contains high levels of vitamin A –


something which, in excess, can be harmful to a developing baby. Liver should only be consumed in   small amounts during pregnancy (a maximum of 50g per week).
Mercury in fish

Okay, this is understandable. Mercury in fish can be dangerous for adults so I see why this needs to be avoided, by why some fish and not others? Which fish would be considered safe? I do not think it is healthy for pregnant women not to eat any fish at all. Some may opt to not eat any, because they are not sure what is safe. I would say I had occasional fish and chips while pregnant and it was probably shark because at the time I was not told not to eat fish. If anything I was told I could eat anything I liked. I wonder why is salmon not included in this list.

Fish is a great food for pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers but be careful which fish you choose. While some fish contain Omega 3 fatty acid – important for the development of the central nervous system in babies, before and after they are born – other fish may contain mercury levels that can affect the development of your baby’s nervous system, leading to delayed speech and movement.

Studies have shown that the foetus is most at risk from mercury levels in fish during the third and fourth months of gestation.

Women who are already pregnant, or planning to become pregnant within the next six months, should avoid fish with high levels of mercury, such as shark, swordfish, orange rough gemfish, ling, southern bluefin tuna and barramundi.

Statistics show we have more children with allergies now, the we had in the past (and on the rise) and I wonder if it could be because we do not prepare the foetus for life in 21st century in the same way as we did 20 years ago.  A lot of these allergies and intoleranies did not exist when I was growing up.

I have been to seminars on allergies and food and one of the things I found most interesting was the fact that we have so many varied cultures in Australia  and therefore more food varieties in our world today, that we did not have when I was pregnant. The seminar was partly focused on this as a reason for some of the allergies that occur, During my pregnancies  I would not have eaten a great deal of Indian food or Chinese food but since then I have of course eaten and enjoyed more varieties of food ( the Australian Culture has changed greatly since I was a child)..  There is also a lot to be said on how we grow and prepare our food today as opposed to the past etc GMOs but that is another discussion in itself.

I have four children and they all eat differently. One a vegetarian, one will try everything (but,doesn’t like curry much). One who is very picky and eats small meals all day (hard to please but never gets fat). One who eats large amounts of food of many different varieties. They are all grown up now, two have had medical problems such as eczma because I am asthmatic. Only two have had this problem. My mother was asthmatic from the age of 21 and I have been from the age of 18, my brother was born with asthma and my sister is prone to bronchitis, so I;m keen to know if Asthma is genetic or did my mother eat the wrong foods or could high stress levels during that time of her life have been a contributing factor? ( I know for a fact her stress levels were very high most of her life because of family life, and especially when she became a single mother).

I have a grandson who is allergic to peanuts. Could it be because we are advised not to eat so many different varieties of food while pregnant today?. Though I did have an aunt that would not eat peanuts she always said they made her feel ill. I find it interesting that the small amount of research I have done does not seem to have any clear cut reasons for all the allergies we have to-day, at least for me. I have 8 grandchildren and only one has allergies, 5. eat generally anything they want, 1. is lactose intolerant and 1, eats mostly sweet food, and one brave child would eat more but must sustain a certain diet.

Only one of my daughters took notice of the recommended pregnancy food list and I wonder if this may in some way, be a link to her sons peanut allergies. Are we giving mothers to be “blanket diet rules” which need to be adjusted to incorporate other factors, such as, medical history, genetic history and culture etc. ?

I still believe that we should eat what we would normally eat (in moderation – I wouldn’t be advising running off and eating a truck load of mouldy cheese), whilst pregnant, and pay more attention to food freshness and hygiene standards rather than food type, as bacteria and food poisoning seem to be the only real issue with eating certain foods whilst expecting.

Oh, and it’s a given that you should not smoke, drink or take drugs!!! As far as I am concerned anyway.
Bye Bye from

Grandma to the world (or at least it seems that way),

Diane Moffatt X

grandma and chance swing


Sleepy Routines

bubba nb

I have read a lot about sleep routines for bubbas and this golden “7 to 7” rule which has had parents literally running out the door and cutting their plans show to put the baby to sleep at 7pm or on the other hand, not leaving their houses because the baby is sleeping, just fell asleep or is needing a sleep.  Come on Guys! Your baby should not ever have you  “by the balls” like that.  Dont get me wrong I’ve seen some amazingly behaved babies on the 7 to 7 routine and if it works with your schedule then great. But if you find yourself not living your life  because your life has become about baby and baby only then we are in trouble.  Make it work with your daily routine.  So that 7 to 7 routine has baby sleeping at 7pm till 6am ( with an optional dream feed in the middle of the night)…Um who the fuck likes to get up at 6am?? Not this muso.  Especially not after a gig night that finished at 1am and got you home at 2am.  So I made a few adjustments to make his routing work with mine, and now my baby doesnt go down to sleep until after 10.  That’s right – 10pm!! oooh that’s terrible parenting right??…Why?  Who the hell decided that the day must start at 6 and work must begin at 9, and bedtimes had to be early?  It doesnt matter when he sleeps, it only matters how much sleep he is getting.  Its bad enough being exhausted new parents without having the ability to sleep in…So yeah, 10pm or later means Chance is up at 830am for a bottle and straight back down again till 10am!! 10 Fucking AM!!! Bliss 🙂  And as for sleeping during the day, this happens whenever he wants to.  When a baby really wants to sleep, he will. Anywhere; in a pram; on the couch; on a bus; on the floor; with hiccups; even standing up dancing the YMCA (true story).  So get him used to sleeping in  all environments now. Even noisy ones, Don’t ever say “Shhh the baby is sleeping”.  My baby slept through the Melbourne Cup race at one of my gigs this year – House music and all! You know why? Because it is normal for us.  Its our lives and now his life too.  And they will learn not the be a Divas, if you teach them from the beginning. Roxy Xx