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I started this blog awhile ago in hopes of sharing some of my thoughts and opinions on being a new mum and creative parent.  The truth is I’ve been so busy being a mum and a creative the time got away from me and the posts… well I just looked at the last on and gosh…3 years ago!!

Ok so. I’m sorry for going MIA and I’m really happy to say that I’m back on track with it all.  So how have you been going?

Chance is 3 now and has a baby brother Etienne who is 2 years old (yes David and I have been busy)  And we’ve made a pretty big change.  We’ve taken our family out of Sydney and moved to the tiny and beautiful island of Mauritius to spend more time with them and pursuing our creative passions.  You see, Sydney became all about working to survive and things got tough for us.  I realised that my inspiration was suffering and that to keep us afloat I would have to work full time and miss out on time raising my boys.

The hardest decision of my life was to leave my home and friends and family in sydney for the islands.  We’ve been here 8 months now and although sometimes I miss the big city and my friends (mostly my friends), I feel as though we made the right decisions.

So here we are now, a completely different environment and a completely new life.  I spend my time here gigging, writing music, online (skype) teaching and managine artists.  And recently I’m back on the blogging. The Boys are doing great.  They love the sun and the sea and get lots of attention here.

In another post I will formally introduce my son Etienne because, well let’s just say he needs a full blog for his special self.  We’ve been through so many challengers and wins over the last few years and I can’t wait to share some experiences with you.  I’m trying to work out where to start actually, so I will ask the question to the readers out there:  What would you like to know?

Leave me a comment 🙂

Here we are (]left to right) Chance, Etienne, My tribe and our new island home.



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