As some of you may know, my name is Roxy, I’m a working musician, a singer, vocal coach, band manager, business owner and musical director.  And on top of all of that I have a son named Chance.  I am a 30 year old Creative Mama.  I have started this page to bring together a whole bunch of non-9 to 5-ers and unconventional mums/dads to talk and share ideas on parenting and integrating a child into a busy, creative and ever changing lifestyle.  My son is 10 weeks old today and from birth my partner, David, and I have tried to remain fairly the same in terms of our lifestyle since he arrived.  David is a stay home dad, fitness trainer, sound engineer, producer, performer, graphic designer, artist and tech enthusiast – And to add possibly the best baby daddy – ever 🙂  Because of him I have been able to keep up my busy teaching and gig schedule, the running of my business “The Boutique Music Group” and even get a full 8 hour sleep…sometimes.

Anyway I really hope you enjoy reading and sharing here as much as I do.  Please use categories to find what interests you eg. “Product Reveiws”, “Hot New Stuff”,”Daddy’s Corner”, “Parenting Today” and drop me a line if you wish…

Okies…Let’s get started 🙂


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